Overall good solid progress has been made, and GrooveME has been successful in raising early finance, buying and building specialised hologram equipment and filming artists whilst developing the exclusive ZoneMe 3D sound system.

This has all taken a bit of time, the main reason has been the company’s desire to keep overheads to an absolute minimum during the start up phase and as a consequence rely purely upon unpaid director effort.

It is now likely that the Company with look towards a public flotation with significant fundraising around the Spring of 2016. In order for us to achieve this the company will need to enlist full time support to drive the objectives forward. The company will require a fundraise to achieve this and to continue with the roll out, filming and recording of artists, and to this end we are currently launching our CrowdCube Campaign.

Holographic filming of Artists has started and to date the Company has completed the following artists for Hologram extraction
Marc Almond
Bob Geldof and Boomtown Rats
The Lindisfarne Story with Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw

Unfortunately Rick Wakeman’s gig had to be cancelled due to a last minute timing issue but is currently being rescheduled, however detailed discussion are currently happening with Steven Tyler – Aerosmith, Carol Decker – T’Pau and The Doobie Brothers

Preliminary stage discussions are continuing with the following:

Bob Seger Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Tim McGraw
Faith Hill
Garth Brooks
Robert Plant
Brooks and Dunn
Kenny Chesney
Black Keys
Kings of Leon
Barbara Streisand

GrooveME is exploring potential partnerships and is in an ongoing dialogue with a number of interested parties including Universal Music (who also own Abbey Road) with a view to providing a stream of artists for collaboration.

We’re getting ready to create a Publicity Launch and the hologram demonstration units at Black Hangar Studios is currently being finalised. This will include Full sized, dwarf sized and an all new ‘Holobox’ demonstration unit along with a ZoneMe 3D sound cave.